Plan Your Adventure

Everyone’s adventure is unique. What are your priorities as you work toward your goals?
Plan Your Adventure: Pick One Goal at a Time
Pick One Goal at a Time
You may have a long list of goals you’d like to achieve. To help you stay focused and efficient, get clear on which goal you’d like to accomplish first.
Plan Your Adventure: Identify Key Steps
Identify Key Steps
Do you need to master a new technology before being eligible for your next promotion? Perhaps you have to renew your passport for an upcoming trip abroad. Be sure to identify crucial next steps to keep yourself moving.
Plan Your Adventure: Possible Changes in Course
Possible Changes in Course
Will an outside deadline affect your future? Consider potential events that may impact your plan so you can figure out how to avoid or work through them.
Plan Your Adventure: Get It Going
Get It Going
Plot out a path to your goal. Be sure to assign a deadline to keep yourself accountable. You got this!
As you prepare for the adventures ahead, talk to your doctor about all of your options including reversible, longer-term ones.

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